In 2011 ORT Strasbourg decided to join the Erasmus programme,

The European programme supporting the mobility of students in Europe for study periods  or internships as well as the teaching staff in the context of teaching assignments or trainings.

Erasmus contributes  to the realization of a European higher education area following several operational targets such as:

  • The improvement of the quality and the increase in the volume of mobility involving the students and teaching staff in Europe,
  • The improvement of the quality and the increase in the volume of multilateral cooperation among higher education institutions, and since 2007, between higher education institutions and companies.
  • The transparency and compatibility of qualifications gained between higher education and advanced vocational education in Europe

First European programme, Erasmus supports mobility actions in Europe for the students (study or training periods), teaching staff ( teaching assignments ), as well as all the members of the higher education institutions ( training periods).

Erasmus also facilitates  cooperation  among higher education institutions developing intensive  programmes, networks and multilateral projects. Today in France,  all the French universities as well as  most non-university higher education institutions are involved in Erasmus .

Déclaration stratégie Erasmus
Charte Erasmus

DNMADE (National Diploma for Careers in Fashion and Design)

The DNMADE is a three-year course, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, delivered in collaboration with Strasbourg University. It lasts 6 semesters (three years) and is worth 180 ECTS.

Subjects :

The courses are organized in four modules :

  • Generic teaching : philosophy, literature, culture of art and design
  • Cross-disciplinary teaching : expression and creative tools, technologies and materials, economic and legal environment, foreign language, digital tools and languages.
  • Practical teaching : creative workshops, professional practices
  • Professional skills 

The first year is devoted to the discovery and acquisition of fundamentals, the second to perfecting the skills and specializing with a 3-month internship in a company and the third year focuses on conducting a personal project.

It is a full-time course, that runs over around 35 hours a week.

Work placements :

  • A 2-week internship at the end of the 1st year (Semester 2)
  • A 3-month internship at the end of the 2nd year (Semester 4)


The objective of the second-year placement is to gain skills and know-how in a working environment in France or abroad, to contribute to the elaboration of design or cultural projects, and deepen all newly acquired knowledge in a corporate background.

Our school proposes two paths : Editorial or Textile

DNMADE Editorial

This section will allow the student to master fashion and computer environments, to use manufacturing techniques and technologies, and to design and create digital communication tools.

DNMADE Textile

This section will focus on manufacturing techniques, ethical and sustainable production, research and creation through various materials and fibers, processing and assembling

BTS in International Trade

The BTS (two-year vocational degree/equivalent to Higher National Diploma) in International Trade is a national diploma delivered after two years of full-time studies. It is obtained after regular in-training assessments and final examinations at the end of the second year.

Subjects :

  • Monitoring and studying foreign markets
  • ICT applied to business
  • Customer canvassing and follow up
  • Business communication and intercultural management
  • Negotiating in a foreign language
  • Foreign languages: English and a second language (Spanish, German,Hebrew)
  • Managing import-export operations
  • General culture and communication
  • Economic and legal environment

The courses run over around 35 hours per week.

Work placements :

Two internships in a working environment are mandatory for the validation of the diploma :

At the end of the 1rst year : a work placement of 8 to 12 weeks in a foreign country.

  • Objectives : canvassing new customers/follow up of existing customers/ collecting data/creating and updating customer data base/organizing marketing operations

During the 2nd year : a 4-week placement in France or abroad in Transport and Logistics.

  • Objective : management of import/export operations

Career prospects :

The graduate will work in a company producing or marketing goods or services in relation with foreign markets or foreign investors.

He/she will monitor international markets, be involved in international purchases and sales, offers and negotiations.

He/She will also be in charge of commercial and administrative tasks during the operations, will coordinate suppliers and external service providers.



Programme ERASMUS

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Lycée 4.0

Nous vous informons que le Lycée ORT Daniel Mayer est affilié à un médiateur de la Consommation en vue de la résolution amiable de tout éventuel litige financier.

Ce médiateur est joignable à l’adresse suivante :

Société de Médiation Professionnelle - 24 rue Albert de Mun, 33060 Bordeaux https://www.mediateur-consommation-smp.fr

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