In 2011 ORT Strasbourg decided to join the Erasmus programme,

The European programme supporting the mobility of students in Europe for study periods  or internships as well as the teaching staff in the context of teaching assignments or trainings.

Erasmus contributes  to the realization of a European higher education area following several operational targets such as:

  • The improvement of the quality and the increase in the volume of mobility involving the students and teaching staff in Europe,
  • The improvement of the quality and the increase in the volume of multilateral cooperation among higher education institutions, and since 2007, between higher education institutions and companies.
  • The transparency and compatibility of qualifications gained between higher education and advanced vocational education in Europe

First European programme, Erasmus supports mobility actions in Europe for the students (study or training periods), teaching staff ( teaching assignments ), as well as all the members of the higher education institutions ( training periods).

Erasmus also facilitates  cooperation  among higher education institutions developing intensive  programmes, networks and multilateral projects. Today in France,  all the French universities as well as  most non-university higher education institutions are involved in Erasmus .

Déclaration stratégie Erasmus
Charte Erasmus

Programme ERASMUS

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